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Louise mixes her approaches and plays with all forms of visual expression. The overall results are diverse but viewed together then it is evident the work is all related. Repetition of an idea or image is used to learn and discover new and original techniques. Louise has a natural craving to press forward and realise the new images and ideas that each work will stimulate.

Louise is full of ideas; the paintings shown are just the beginning. Louise wishes to do installation art and some very large scale pieces. For the moment she is limited by finance and backing. Louise is an artist who will not stand still.
Oil Paintings

Louise has developed a unique technique in her textured oil paintings. Canvas and strings are applied to a stretched canvas; this is built up in texture and pattern, and then painted with a white undercoat before applying the colour.

These textured paintings pulsate with colour which is enhanced by their texture. They are best viewed, not in a gallery space where the light is controlled, but in a room full of natural light where the light will change over the day and the shadows created within the painting will also change.
Intaglio Prints

This page is currently being developed, check back soon to see more of Louise's work.
Collagraph Plates

The plate is used to make intaglio prints. The method is very similar to an etching and requires a good quality etching press.

The plate is made from metalized card. There is a film of metal on card that is adhered so that the artist can cut in to the metal and remove areas or just leave the dry point line. These revealed areas are the areas that will take ink and therefore print. As well as this process the artist can adhere further detail using anything that comes to hand. You can put more metalized card on to the plate or you can use collage of any sort. I have used fabrics, foils, strings and textured cards .............
Abstract Art

Louise has an unrestrained curiosity and delights in the freedom of abstraction. She is not constrained by institutionalised expectations or even market demands, she is happy to mix her approaches and play with all forms of visual expression. This allows Louise to attempt all forms of the visual arts that she can access. Louise has ideas for installation art and large scale pieces that are waiting for an opportunity to emerge.

Because of Louise's interest in pattern and colour she is drawn to fabrics. She delights in luminous colour and dyed felts have vivid and intense colour. To Louise the colours of any substance create a palette to work from. Each substance has its own unique qualities that can be used and manipulated for a particular image.
Mixed Papers

These textured paintings focus on the changing light in the surrounding landscape. Developed from experimental work with her textured oil paintings, feltwork and collagraphs, Louise has found technique a that allows the specific attributes of the medium to naturally enhance her skills. The different papers and threads absorb the paint to different degrees and so produce their own tonal qualities.

Oil Paintings        Intaglio Prints        Collagraph Plates        Abstract        Feltwork        Mixed Papers        Commissions        Workshops