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Workshops at Louise Jannetta Studios

All Workshops to be held at Louise's Gallery & Studio in Buxton

Rear of No 24 Dale Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6NL
Tel 01298 214267
Mobile; 07931821191

The workshops in Louise's studio run from 10:00am -4:30pm. Many materials are provided, but please bring along your favourite brushes and some paints. Refreshments are served all day, but you will need to provide your own lunch. The cost of a lesson is 60.00 for the day.

The lessons are restricted to only six customers per lesson so that Louise can give tuition focused on each person's needs.

Parking is available just around the corner, behind the church on Heath Street or on Bennett Street. Both roads allow free parking all day.

If you would like to book for a workshop please contact me on; Email; lajannetta@aol.com, Landline 01298 214267, Mobile; 07931821191

Payment is via cheque/advanced payment, unfortunately, as spaces are limited, this is non-refundable if you cancel the lesson.

Cheques payable to L.Jannetta, (at the above address).

Available Dates

  • Collagraph Techniques; Sat 15th April 2017
  • Watercolour and Inks; Saturday 13th May 2017
  • Painted Collage; Saturday 17th June 2017
There will be two other lesson dates in 2016, on Saturday July 16th and September Saturday 17th, the subjects of these lessons are to be decided and will depend on customer requests.

Collagraph Techniques

This is a lovely spontaneous method of printing that relies on the textures that you can create on the surface of a plate. Once inked up the plate is placed on the press and soaked fabriano is placed on top. The palete is passed through the press and then there is always a lovely surprise when the paper is lifted from the plate to reveal the results.

In general we look at all the ways that a collagraph can be produced but also hopefully find some of our own methods. We look at dry point and at texture, we look at abstract and representational and we look at using multiple plates and the application of tissue to add yet further colour and texture.

You will produce at least one plate and one print in the daylong session.



I am a self trained artist and have developed a number of my own techniques, many of which are a simpler way of achieving detail. I will happily impart these methods.

We will also try using different papers and paint brushes as there is such a varying result with the vast array of tools available. But most of all we will be allowing the watercolour to shine with its own attributes and using the medium to its best advantage.


I have developed a number to collage techniques using the premise that anything goes. We will look at textures and at unusual painting methods and mixes to create our very own way of painting. This lesson an get messy! But is definitely good fun.


I love feltwork. The colours available and the mediums attributes are a delight to work with. With both utilitarian and decorative qualities the pieces created can be put to a variety of uses.

Using Pastel with Watercolour

This lesson explores methods of mixing watercolour with pastels. Their qualities can produce a number of different and useful mark making. The techniques are forgiving and can be worked into and on top of, allowing a very un-precious and more experimental, spontaneous approach to the work.

Pastel Landscapes

We will be looking at using broad marks and colour contrasts to capture the light and textures of our local landscapes. We will use a number of different papers that can add to the texture and create base colour that can enhance an image.

Oil Paintings        Intaglio Prints        Collagraph Plates        Abstract        Feltwork        Mixed Papers        Commissions        Workshops